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Success Stories

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Volunteers at the Center each have a different story, but we commonly hear that they enjoy the work and the workers, and learn so much from them that they often volunteer for years to come.


Richard owns and manages rental properties. Ten years ago he had an emergency clean-up job and needed help immediately. He had seen groups of laborers standing on El Camino Real so he drove there and was surrounded by 15 people seeking work. Despite his basic Spanish, he found the experience to be intimidating and highly uncomfortable. He drove off.

He subsequently heard about a new Day Worker Center that had recently opened. He was happy to find the necessary help in an office environment. He explained what kind of assistance he needed and was matched with two laborers.

Having had a good experience as an employer, he returned to the center to volunteer as an English instructor. Richard wanted to improve his Spanish too so this was a great fit for him. After several years teaching English to a class or two each week, Richard still enjoys each class and is happy to be making a difference in the lives of the workers.


"I consider it an privilege to give my time to the Center. The comprehensive support and services offered here are inspiring to me, and I'm moved to do what I can to help further the mission. I am particularly excited about the efforts being made to improve community connections between the day workers and the long-term residents of our neighborhoods.

Throughout the Center I see a deep respect for the dignity of all people: it's an honor to be a part of this work.”