More than 40 volunteers gathered in Rengstorff Park on Sunday, September 9 for the celebration of appreciation to the volunteers of the Jornalero Center. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with delicious food including pupusas, tamales, salads, rice, beans, corn and cookies. In addition to the wonderful food prepared by the workers, the party had plenty of music, love and laughter. The volunteers enjoyed the classic "Yesterday" and "Imagine" songs of the Beatles, performed by volunteers Evelyn and Naomi. The director of the María Marroquín Center presented them, explaining that on a recent day when she was working in her office she heard a sound so magical that she thought the angels were singing and she wondered if she had gone to heaven. After the duo finished their performance, Erwin (guitarist), Efren (drummer) and Francisco (sound engineer) performed a touching Argentine song that Maria noticed had meaning and speaks of the Center's mission: "This song is a call to the way our brothers and sisters are suffering. " Addressing the dozens of volunteers seated at the tables, Maria continued, "I think you really understand the message because it's what you do, that's what you've been doing for so many years in the Center." They have been paying attention to the less fortunate people. , people who have come with many problems, and help them in different ways to succeed. " Each volunteer returned home with a thank-you letter and a nice jar of lemon jam, crafted by day laborers as a small token of his enormous gratitude. The Mountain View Day Center prospers for its volunteers. Volunteering is a valuable investment in the community that enriches the lives of everyone involved. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us at http://www.dayworkercentermv.org/volunteer/signup.php